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Gajadhar Babu glanced at the luggage in the room: two boxes, Dolchi, a bucket. “How is this box, Ganesha?” He asked. I attach a bed of Ganeshi and give a little pride, sadness and shame: “Gharwali prepared peanuts, he said, Babuji was like now, where we can make poor for you.” Even in happiness when Al returned home, Gajadhar Babu was nostalgic when his relationship with a familiar, loving, respected and intimate world collapsed.

“Sometimes we continue to receive messages from people.” Ganeshi spoke over a rope on the bed.

“If you need anything,” writes Ganeshi, “marry the beta to that passion.”

Ganeshi cleared the edge of fear. “Well, you will not give any support to who, and if you were here, there would be some encouragement in the marriage.

Gajadhar Babu was ready to leave. The room in which she had passed the quarters of the train in which she had lived for years felt ugly and naked because she had left. The plants were planted in the yard and the soil spread everywhere. In the idea of ​​living with a woman, children and children, this discoloration occurred and became a weaker wave.

Gajadhar Babu was happy; After thirty-five years of work, he would retire. For most of these years, he lived alone for many years. In those moments of loneliness he had envisioned this time, he could live with his family. Hoping to have this hope, he bore the burden of his mistakes. Your life could be described as successful in relation to the world. They had built a house in the city; older men and boys had married Kanti and studied two children in the upper grades. Gajadhar Babu should be in small rooms, often because of his work, his children and his wife in town, from which there is no obstacle to learn. Gajadhar Babu was very close to nature and also wanted affection. When the family was together, they would come back from service and make fun of their children by talking to their wives. As each one deepened, a deep silence reigned in his life. In empty moments, they would not be embarrassed in the house. Even if the poet is not in nature, remember the woman’s affection. Even after the heat of the afternoon, the fire continued to burn until two o’clock in the afternoon. On his return from the station, he heated the burning roti, but even after eating and refusing to eat them, some of them were in the plate served. and he exhorted with great love. When he was tired and he went out, he opened his nose, came out of the kitchen door and his eyes smiled. Gajadhar Babu remembered everything and became depressed … now, as many years later, the opportunity has come for him to remain in the same spirit of affection and respect.

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Gazadhar Babu took off her cap and put it on the couch, dropped her boots, let her in and said the voice said it was Sunday and that all her children would have breakfast together. Gajadhar Babu’s smile appeared on dry lips. In the same way he entered without coughing. He saw that Narendra had his hand on his waist, probably copying a dance seen in the movie of the night, and the bus laughed and laughed. Amar’s daughter-in-law had no sensation of her body, her ankles, or her veils, and she was laughing freely. When Narendra Gajadhar saw Babu, she sat down, took a cup of tea and put it on her face. The daughter-in-law felt and quickly covered her forehead, only moving Basanti’s body and trying to suppress laughter.

Gajadhar Babu saw these people smile and smile. Then he said, “Why was Narendra imitating?”

“Nothing, Babuji.” Narendra Sittipita said and said. Gajadhar Babu also wanted him to take part in this state of mind, but as soon as he arrived, he was silent and silent. He had a slight sadness in his head.

As he sat, he said, “Basanti, give me some tea too, am I adoring your Amma?”

Basanti looked into her mother’s wardrobe, she would come soon and start filtering the tea in the cup after him. Bahu had already left and Narendra was getting up now after drinking the last sip of tea. Only Basanti looked for the sight of the father who was sitting in the square, the mother. Gajadhar Babu said that once he had drunk a teaspoon of tea, he replied, “Child, tea is discolored.”

“Leave the sugar and put it on.” quote Basanti

“Whatever it is, if your Amma comes, then I’ll drink it.”

Shortly after, his wife took out an Arghyya grill and put it in basil. She described it as lucky. Basanti also got up as soon as she saw him. The woman came and saw G

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