Christmas tree.

Importance of the fireplace on Christmas day.
Santa Claus enters the house with the help of the fireplace. His concept is that dwarfs and fictional fairies go home by the fireplace, blessing the children. One thing in particular is that the fireplace or stove is considered a sacred source of faith.

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Meaning of white corn and cow.
Jesus Christ is considered innocent as a mother. Jesus Christ was very kind and very kind. In the same way, Jesus Christ loved the cow too much because it was a cow that had warmed his breath during the birth of Jesus at night. So Jesus Christ took a white goat and a cow standing next to him.

In the joy of the birth of the Lord on Christmas Eve, people sing Carol and pray. Then people go from house to house and give a message of love, brotherly fodder and congratulations for the birth of Jesus. They also greet each other and make good gifts.

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Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is popular around the world for its splendor. People decorate their homes with trees and put bright lights in every corner of their home. In the same way, Hinduists decorate their homes with Deepakali in Deepawali.

Christmas message

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One of the twelve disciples of Christ, the holy Yomus, who came to southern India and also worked in the ancient states of southern India, also brought forth the blessings of Jesus Christ. Because of this, many people in southern India have accepted Christianity and passed on the message of Jesus to the people. For this reason we can see many ancient Ghargharas in South India.

According to the Bible, help people and people’s compassion to reconcile and believe in the Lord. Christmas also brings messages of peace.

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According to the Bible, Jesus is called the “Prince of Peace”. Jesus said, “Peace be with you.” Without peace, the existence of a religion is not possible. There is no place under the religion of hatred, conflict, violence and war, etc.

Christmas is an important celebration around the world. Christmas is celebrated in every country and on every continent. According to the United Nations, nearly one and a half million people worldwide adhere to Christianity.

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